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  防止不同(tong)分(fen)(fen)類(lei)商(shang)(shang)品堆(dui)放(fang)在一(yi)起造(zao)成超(chao)市鮮肉專用商(shang)(shang)用鮮肉柜內交叉污染。冷(leng)(leng)凍冷(leng)(leng)藏鮮肉柜內應分(fen)(fen)區管(guan)理:廢品、半(ban)成品、不同(tong)分(fen)(fen)類(lei)之商(shang)(shang)品應分(fen)(fen)區放(fang)置(zhi)。一(yi)有利(li)于(yu)商(shang)(shang)品管(guan)理。 這一(yi)溫度下很容易積存污垢,現在冷(leng)(leng)庫的(de)墻角均為直角。且有利(li)于(yu)清潔。可考(kao)慮將直角改(gai)為半(ban)徑(jing)5CM圓弧,一(yi)方(fang)面(mian)(mian)有利(li)于(yu)清潔,另一(yi)方(fang)面(mian)(mian)也可很好的(de)執(zhi)行離墻放(fang)置(zhi)商(shang)(shang)品的(de)原則(ze)。


  Fresh or fresh meat cabinets should be stored for 2 to 6 hours before starting. Before use, the advanced line runs 2 to 6 hours. Do not start immediately after shutdown, wait for more than 5 minutes, so as not to burn down the compressor.

  In the process of using fresh meat cabinets, the condenser will be attached to a lot of dust and other debris, so that the cooling effect of the condenser will be greatly reduced, and the cooling effect will naturally drop. Therefore, in winter, the condenser of the fresh meat cabinet should be thoroughly cleaned so that he can be in the best working condition in summer.

  When the fresh meat cabinet is released, it should be evenly distributed to avoid deformation caused by uneven force of the laminate.

  The fully transparent glass side panels make the items in the cabinet clear at a glance, and enhance the display effect in the cabinet. The microcomputer controlled digital temperature controller enables the temperature control of the cabinet to be more precise and the system more energy efficient.

  The temperature of commercial fresh meat cabinet for fresh meat is the best temperature for refrigerated meat preservation. And the supermarket is more difficult to do this because of its specialty. The temperature of the meat cabinet should be controlled between -2~4 degrees centigrade: the temperature of the freezing point of the meat is -1.7 degrees centigrade. The temperature should be controlled below 4 degrees Celsius. Each shop should have a special person who checks the temperature chart at least 3 times a day, and signs it for confirmation. It is suggested that the action should be done by the assistant on duty, and the shop will check once a week.

  With the opening and closing of the commercial fresh meat cabinet, the rise and decline of the temperature, the meat in the commercial meat cabinet will decrease with the change of temperature from time to time. At the same time, the continuous operation of refrigeration fans will also waste energy and cause unnecessary economic losses. Therefore, the opening and closing of fresh meat meat doors for supermarkets are fast and must not be open.

  To prevent the stacking of different categories of goods together, the supermarket will cause cross contamination of fresh meat in the supermarket. The refrigerated chilled meat cabinet should be divided into districts: waste, semi finished goods and different categories of goods should be partitioned. One is good for the management of goods. It is easy to accumulate dirt at this temperature. Now the corner of cold storage is right angle. And it is good for cleaning. It can be considered that the right angle should be changed to a radius 5CM arc, on the one hand, it is good for cleaning. On the other hand, it can also carry out the principle of placing goods away from the wall well.




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